Nuit Raunch is a one-night curated screening of short queer and inclusive adult film from around the world. The event is organized by queer pornographer Kate Sinclaire (Ciné Sinclaire) and brought to you by wonderful teams of really cool people. In 2017, we hosted our first screening during Nuit Blanche in our hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba. We put out a sandwich board on the street, directing people to a studio on the 3rd floor of an old warehouse, and we didn’t realize how big it would become.

Our screening quickly became standing room only, with attendees eager to watch short films from around the world. We increased capacity and moved to two screenings in 2018, all of which sold out again. We estimate approximately 600 people were in attendance throughout the evening. 2019 saw us increase to 3 screenings, utilizing a fully accessible venue, and hosting over 1000 attendees in a single night.


Our first tour will be taking place in 2022, with Western Canada in May-June, and Eastern Canada in September-October. If your city hasn’t booked a date yet and you’d like to host us, please reach out to kate at cinesinclaire.com!

We typically think of porn and adult film as something to be viewed in private, away from conversation and social elements. The team at Nuit Raunch are excited to bring adult film back into the social sphere – normalizing talking about what we’re viewing and giving it context in our lives. So many folks feel unrepresented by the genre, and part of our mission is to bring film to the forefront that empowers, represents, and disarms us in all kinds of ways.


-Come as you are or dress to impress, whatever feels right for you
-This is not a hookup space. Definitely get some sexy energy out of the night if that’s what you’re looking for, but we do ask that you respect other patrons and what they consented to in purchasing a ticket.
-Ask questions if you’ve got them, and try to come from a space of non-judgement!
-Have fun, let yourself learn a thing or two
-No one is required to stay for the entire screening. If you are feeling uncomfortable, you are welcome to get up and leave at any point. We won’t be insulted. You’ve got to look after yourself.
-Respect others’ boundaries. PERIOD. Do not assume that anyone is in the room because they want to hook up. Respect people’s privacy and boundaries. If you are acting creepy/violating boundaries, you 100% will be asked to leave and will not be issued a refund.

**COVID notes – masks are strongly encouraged at all screenings, and some of our venues require proof of vaccination and masking at all times. Our tour staff will be masking at all times (save for any time presenting/speaking on the mic on stage). Please consult your city’s listing for specific guidelines. COVID is real and is not over, so please do consider your local health care system, your community with you in the room, and your own health! Harm reduction is for cool kids.