A Fairytale, dir. Inka Winter (US) 5:00
A prince is lost in a mystical forest, an apparition of a maiden appears to him and she calls for him. But there is a twist..

Becoming Ithaca, dir. Menelas, Dimitris Pagonis (Greece) 5:57
A visual poem about a greek soldier and a refugee.

Enough, dir Kate Sinclaire (Canada) 4:55
Are we queer enough? A longstanding issue of femme-presenting folks that are misread as cis women is not feeling a true sense of belonging in queer scenes, being doubted and dismissed. Nichole Shae and Nat Portnoy take us with them as they explore their own sexualities, joy, pleasure, and playfulness, in a short film that emphasizes that we are all queer enough.

Gush, dir Kate Sinclaire (Canada) 7:00
Ciel has been walking his sexual path for years, and truly exploring every corner of it along the way. He has decided to share with us his experience of squirting as a person with a penis and prostate – and the sex machine that gets him there. This short docuporn showcases his ability, and gives him a chance to talk about the incredible paths that he has been led down thanks to sex positivity, openness, and a willingness to explore.

What You Didn’t Steal From Me, dir. Kitty Rodé (Canada) 4:39
A tender snapshot of the director’s struggle with self-acceptance. Through rope bondage, they are rediscovering their sexuality after trauma and finding a home in their fat, disabled and brown body

Rubber, dir. altSHIFT (UK) 7:39
Latex, lube, vibrators, whips, paddles, dildos…Kali and Maria explore this RUBBER world in search of a condom. Join them in their surreal journey where they find themselves in the woods dressed in latex; through the toyland where they find themselves shining up their colourful latex and exploring the toys available. Watch them arrive in the world of balloons where they find their condom and fuck with a strap-on.

Finding Zen, dir Bryan Camillo (US) 3:06

A meditation on self-love.

Mutual Masturbation, dir. altSHIFT (UK) 7:29
A film by altSHIFT starring Ella Venus, Bishop Black and Kali Sudhra. Performers are people and people are performers… Some of us love to be watched and some of us love to watch… and a lot of us are exhibitionists and voyeurs in equal amounts. What if the performers you love in porn wanted to watch you too?

Welcome to Athens, dir. Menelas (Greece) 6:51
First they commissioned it and then they banned it. This is the tourism advert the Greek National Tourism Organisation doesn’t want you to see. Recently hacked from the government database we give you Athens as you deserve it.

Tie Me Up, dir. Inka Winter (US) 10:46
A woman is realizing her fantasy of being tied up in the ancient Shibari style.

Orlandos, dir. Julia Ritschel (Spain) 12:00
ORLANDOS is a period drama adult movie that tells the story of a woman breaking free from her restricted life to meet her forbidden lover, a trans man, who shows her the world of seduction, freedom and lust. Inspired by Orlando: A Biography, the pioneering 1928 queer novel by Virginia Woolf based on the life of her lover Vita Sackville-West and the first English language transgender fiction, this movie is a love letter to all of the Orlandos out there who are living and loving outside of gender restrictions.

Movement, dir. Kate Sinclaire (Canada) 7:00
Sex work, identity, and place drift together in this documentary-style piece profiling an iconic Winnipeg artist. This piece is featured in lieu of the artist’s ability to join a physical, two-week tour. These are their words.